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Exciting Things to Come:

  • Garden beds- your child will get to be involved in planting and growing their own fruits and vegetables.
  • After school jogging club- 3rd-5th grades--more info coming later.
  • 2nd grade bowling field trip. . . more info coming later.

Physical Education

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Kids Health . org

This is a great resource for teachers, parents and students. Current information about health and wellness issues is posted weekly. There are lesson plans, games and activities for the classroom; games and activities for use at home; and pertinent information for parents and guardians. Please take time to check out the site today:


  • Your child will have P.E. twice a week for 35 minutes.
  • Students must wear tennis shoes in order to participate in P.E.
  • If your child cannot participate, please send a note or doctor's note with them.
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