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camper with ipad

Teachers: Put in a Ticket for Tech Support. Click the link below:

Techspurts are students who are trained to help troubleshoot technology issues for teachers and students. This year's Techspurts are:

Lawson Theisen McNair 5th
Emily Loudon Taylor 5th 
Jacorey Mack Mathis 5th 
Kaylin Gossett Mathis 5th 
Nathan Connors Schlauder 5th 

Hayden Meadows McGee 4th
Joseph Pearson McGee 4th 
Jordan Haynes Stroud 4th 
Alyxzander (Wyatt) Creech Bond 4th 
Ashlyn Carter Bond 4th 

Adran Cowley Garic 3rd
Sophia Secchiari Leber 3rd 
Carter Corbin Chapman 3rd 
Talon Banks McGraw 3rd 
Jakera Small Whiddon 3rd